Layla’s Little Neighborhood helps introduce the importance of building a positive community through interactive play and creative thinking. It is a place where children and their parents come together to socialize and interact with peers. 

One Play Pass | $11 + tax 

10 Play Passes w/ 10 Snacks| $90 + tax


  5 Play Passes | $50 + tax

Monthly Membership -

1st Child 1st Month | $35 + tax

 2nd Child 1st Month| $20 + tax

 1st Child | $55 + tax

  2nd Child | $25 + tax

  3rd Child | $25 + tax

  4th Child + | Free

(Children over 6 months of age must pay a monthly membership fee)

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Party Packages |    price is subject to package 

All private party celebrations are just for you and your guests!

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Please call for our PRIVATE PLAY option for MOM's Groups or MOM's Clubs: (385) 387-1501