Birthday Party, Tea Party & Moms Soirée Packages -

Saturday & Sunday 

10:00 am - 12:00 pm

1:00 pm - 3:00 pm

4:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Monday - Friday 

4:30pm - 6:30pm

Afternoon Party Package -

Monday - Wednesday

4:30pm - 6:00pm


Are all parties private? Absolutely! All parties & celebrations must be reserved and will have full use of our party and play area for only you and your guests. The gift shop is open to the public during store hours. No walk-in parties or celebrations during normal open-play hours.

Can I celebrate my child’s birthday during open play hours? No. We do not allow walk-in parties or celebrations during normal business hours. Any rearranging of tables, cake or cupcakes, balloon set-ups, or decorations will be considered a party and may result in being asked to put items away or being asked to leave. Charges for a birthday party package may be applied if non-compliance.

Can I celebrate multiple children (twins), another child, or adults on the same party package? Absolutely! There is an additional $50 fee for each individual celebrated at the same scheduled party not including twins.

Where do I make a deposit to save a date? HERE or go to our Party Page. All party bookings are made online, with a $50 non-refundable deposit, that will go towards the balance.

When do I pay the remaining balance? The remaining balance is due immediately after the event at the front register. Any additional add-ons must be paid at the time of adding the extras. All purchases and payments should be made online or in-store by credit card. We do not accept cash or checks.

What happens after I reserve a date? Expect an email party questionnaire within 48 hrs.

Can I cancel my party? Yes, All cancellations must be notified by email. Any cancellation within two (2) weeks of the scheduled party shall result in an additional $25.00 cancellation fee, on top of the $50 party deposit, You can receive a refund on anything paid towards the event however, the fees mentioned are non-refundable, no exceptions.

Due to the nature of our business, we adhere to our non-refundable deposit policy.

Can I reschedule my party?  Absolutely. The rescheduling must be within 60 days of the original event date. 

Any amount paid including the deposit is fully transferrable to be applied to a different date within 60 days of the original booked date. Reschedules are one-time only.

NOTE: In the event that we must close the facility due to inclement weather, natural disasters, or pandemic closures we will help you reschedule your event.

Can we open gifts during our party? Absolutely! However, we highly recommend that you utilize that time on playtime. 

Can I arrive early? Yes! If you are going to personally add decorations to your party, you should arrive within 30 mins before your scheduled event time. (Do not arrive before your allowed 30-minute set-up time, there may be another event in session.) 

When does my event conclude

Your event is scheduled to conclude at the specified end time as agreed upon during the booking process.

Prompt Departure - 15-minute grace period. This ensures that our staff can prepare for the next scheduled event. Failure to adhere to this timing may result in an additional fee of $50.

Decoration Cleanup - If your event involves elaborate decorations, we recommend planning your celebration timeline carefully to allow sufficient time for cleanup without exceeding the agreed-upon end time. 

Smooth Transition - The play area will be temporarily closed for the last 10 minutes to facilitate a seamless transition for the conclusion of your party.

Can I add more time to my event? Absolutely! To extend the event time you should reserve the last party slot of the day (weekdays 4:30-6:30pm & weekends 4-6pm). $100 per additional hour, $50 per additional half-hour, with prior notice. 

Can I add more child guests to the party list? Absolutely! You can add party guests for an additional fee of $11 per child guest. The facility capacity is 50 mixed of adult & child guests.

Can my child who is turning 7yrs or older have a birthday party at LLN? Absolutely! We welcome anyone who loves to play make-believe. Our space is designed and intended for children 6 yrs. and under. Please be advised that there may be limitations on what older children can do here. We kindly request that older children participating in the party play appropriately with ALL of our play equipment, structures, and toys. Any broken toys or objects will be charged.

Can I bring extra décor? Absolutely! Our facility’s aesthetics already set the stage for a beautiful backdrop for any celebration. However, you may bring your own decorations in a labeled box or bag. Use hooks that are pre-hung. There is to be NO taping, gluing or stapling to walls or furniture, NO pinatas, NO confetti, and NO glitter Why? Because our babies can eat it and choke.

Suggestions on what extra décor to bring ahead of time.

We provide a variety of balloon arrangements garlands, balloon arches, and balloon table toppers to name a few.  (See our party add-on list)

Can I bring entertainment? Yes! You may bring a licensed entertainment company like face painters, balloon art professionals, character actors, magicians, or DJs. (Please inquire about the personal party planner policy.) Advance notice with proof of their business general liability insurance is required. Note the set-up time will remain at 30 mins. Adding professional services could take a longer time for setting up so we recommend reserving the last party of the day for $100 per additional hour, $50 per additional half hour.

Can I bring food or catering? Absolutely! You may bring home-cooked, pre-packaged food or catering. All consumable items including cake & desserts should be brought within the 30 mins set up time frame before the event begins. 

Things to consider when bringing food items:

Should I clean up after my event? No! We are experts at cleaning up after parties, let us take care of you! 

Do ALL my party guests have to wear socks? Yes! Guests may wear shoes in the lounge area only and no shoes in the play area. Non-slip socks are required. Forgot socks? $2.50 non-slip socks in all sizes are available at the check-in counter. (Add non-slip socks for your party guests for only $2 ea.) 

Can we walk around barefoot? Nope! Please wear socks. Shoes? No! However, you and your adult guests may wear shoes in the lounge area. Why? Because our babies crawl and play here, we want to maintain our floors clean and free from any outdoor debris (snow salt, pet poop, glass, etc.). Slippers are located near the restrooms for restroom use only. 

We eagerly anticipate the opportunity to assist you in hosting a special and memorable party for your little one! 

If you have any questions or need further assistance, please don't hesitate to reach out:

Email us directly at: 

Call us: (385) 387-1501  

Layla's Little Neighborhood promotes positive values and proper manners throughout our establishment. 


1. Socks-only in the play area. No bare feet or shoes permitted (for children & adults)

2. Use slides and play bridge one at a time.

3. Use toys and play equipment as they are intended. 

4. Place mouthed toys in the “toy hospital” bin for sanitation.


1. Please be respectful to all playhouses, toys, supplies, play equipment, and most importantly, your fellow neighbors. 

2. Please be aware of the safety of all patrons. Rough play or bullying will not be tolerated. 

3. Please keep all areas clean. Use the lounge area to consume food and drink. All liquid items must be covered (use lidded cups, baby bottles, sippy cups, etc.). Keep hot drinks out of children's reach.

4. Please wash all hands before & after eating and after every restroom visit. A hand washing station is located between the lounge and play area for your convenience. Hand sanitizing stands are near the entrance and should be used before entering the play area.

5. Please use the changing tables in the restrooms to change diapers. Use the baggies for any soiled diapers and used wipes and dispose in restroom trash bins. Do not flush these items down the toilet.

6. Please be mindful of fellow neighbors. Patrons should not enter the facility with a known, contagious illness, we reserve the right to ask patrons who are sick to leave the premises if their illness poses a risk to other users of the facility.  

Our dedicated staff members can and will enforce safety rules as necessary. Those unable to comply with the rules, policies, and other posted signage, including all verbal requests from staff will be kindly asked to leave the premises (without a refund).

THANK YOU and all our LITTLE NEIGHBORS for abiding by our safety rules & policies. 

We hope you enjoy your visit!


Monday thru Friday 9:00am to 4:00pm 

Are the open-play hours on weekdays only? Not quite. Although we mainly reserve weekends for celebrations, parties, and events we will occasionally have open play hours on weekends. Our hours may also change seasonally. It is recommended that you visit our HOME page or our Facebook and Instagram pages for the most up-to-date open play hours.

Do I have to sign a waiver? Absolutely! It is required for all guests to sign a 1-time waiver no matter what age. Tap HERE to sign the liability waiver.

What’s the Play Pass admission fee? $11 + tax. Paid admission begins at 6 months old to 6 years old.

Parents and Caregivers always play FREE

Jr. Neighbors ages 7+ are FREE when assisting younger siblings.

Re-entry? Absolutely! Each paid admission includes re-entry for the same day. 

I have more than one child, Do I have to pay the same rate for all? Not exactly. You can buy a one-day play pass for each child.

 1 Day Pass | $11 + tax

Or purchase a discounted 5 or 10 play pass that is ideal for multiple-child families

5 Play Passes | $50 + tax 

10 Play Passes + 10 Snacks | $90 + tax

Tap HERE to purchase punch passes

Can I use a credit card to pay? Absolutely! We accept all major credit/debit cards and ApplePay.

Cash or Checks? No. We do not accept cash or checks.

Can I share my little neighborhood membership account with a friend? No. Memberships are to be used within an immediate family only. Your membership comes with 2 guest passes. These are to be used accompanying your check-in. 

Become a MEMBER  of our Little Neighborhood Society now!

Can I share my 5 or 10 punch passes? Absolutely!  You may use the punch passes for entry of your own child(ren), friends, and/or family. 

Everyone must sign a WAIVER if they haven’t done so already. 

I have a child that is older than 6 years, can they play? Not quite. We consider children 7+ yrs. Jr. Neighbors “Helpers”, therefore we do not charge an admission fee for them. A Jr. Neighbor Helper who accompanies a paid sibling can assist them in the play area. Children 7+ yrs. are not permitted to use the play equipment or toys alone. If they are seen playing alone, we will ask their parent to remind their child to assist/help their sibling. If a second reminder is made, then we will ask them to wait in the lounge area with a parent. A third reminder may lead to the family being asked to leave for not complying with our rules and policy.

Can I use the toys and play area with my child(ren)? Absolutely, 100%! We highly encourage you to play and interact with your little(s). However, please do not go in the little houses to allow space for children to go in,

Can I drop my child(ren) off? No, 100%. Parents or guardians must remain inside the facility with their child(ren) for the duration of their visit. 

Do we “have to” wear socks? Absolutely! You may keep your shoes on in the lounge area; however, everyone must wear socks in the play area. Non-slip socks are highly recommended.

Can we be barefoot? Nope. Please wear socks.  Shoes? No. Why?  Because... we want to maintain our play area clean and free from any outdoor debris (snow salt, pet poop, glass, etc.). This keeps our little ones safe from putting these items in their mouths. That makes sense, right? Absolutely!

My child or a guest requires a wheeled chair/stroller can they come into the play area? Absolutely! We will gladly assist to wipe down the wheels before entering the play area. 

Can I bring in my baby's stroller/pram? Not quite. We do not have an area for stowing away those items, therefore do not allow them in our facility. Outside of our entrance door, there is an unsupervised area where you could park your strollers, again this area is unsupervised and we are not responsible or liable for any theft, lost or damaged items. Therefore, we highly recommend not to bring strollers/prams.

Can I bring outside food or my own snacks? Absolutely. Although we do offer packaged snacks and drinks for purchase at our store. We kindly ask for everyone to consider other guests when eating nut-related or other food allergy related foods. Please wipe your table and highchairs before and after use. Table wipes are at the hand washing station. 

My child has food sensitivities or allergies. Are there any food options for them? Absolutely! We have several nut-free, gluten-free, and plant-based snacks for your convenience. What about drinks? Yes! We offer a variety of kid-friendly drinks and adult bottled drinks.. NOTE: Although we are not a nut-free facility, we do ask all of our guests to wipe down tables before and after use. Washing or wiping little mouths and hands after consuming nut-based foods helps all of our little neighbors stay healthy and happy.

Can I celebrate my child’s birthday during open play hours? No.  We do not allow walk-in parties or celebrations during open-play or normal business hours. Any re-arranging of tables, cake or cupcakes, balloon set-ups, gifts, and decorations will be considered a party and may result in being asked to put items away or being asked to leave. Charges for a birthday party package may be applied if non-compliance. Party reservations are made HERE.

Do you have accommodations for nursing? Absolutely! We encourage nursing in our facility. We have a comfortable arm chair labeled nursing chair for your convenience.

If we accidentally left a personal belonging at LLN, will it be there? Yes & No. We are not responsible for any lost or stolen items. If you left something at our facility please call or come by to retrieve it ASAP, we donate any unclaimed items every Thursday.

Can I pay for classes or events at the door? No. All classes and events require online registration HERE. This helps us plan ahead and make sure our events do not get over crowded! 

Monthly Membership (auto renewal)

The below applies to the membership cardholder during an active membership.

What are the membership perks?

You are welcome any time during open play hours. This does NOT include admission to programs or ticketed events.

Vouchers will be e-mailed, present e-mail at the time of coffee purchase.

You'll receive two guest passes for open play, conveniently stored in your account each month upon renewing your membership. You'll need to accompany your guest during their visit.

Little Neighborhood Society Tea Parties are held on the last Tuesday of the month at 2:00 pm. Little Neighborhood Society Tea Parties are strictly for members only; any other visitors will be asked to purchase a membership to attend the event. 

Events and programs will be announced by email 1 day before announced to the general public.

Booking must take place during an active membership for cardholders. Discounts are not transferable and are not valid for party add-on items.

Discount is to be applied to Layla's Little Neighborhood promotional merchandise only. Discounts are not transferable and are not valid for toys, food and/or drink items.