"Where the imagination lives"

As technology continues to take over children’s lives, it is important to keep their imaginations alive. At Layla’s Little Neighborhood children can not only put their imagination to play, it's also a place where the entire family can come together to interact in a safe and fun environment. Bringing the outdoors in, we aim to keep families cool in the hot summers and just right in the cold snowy winters.

Layla’s Little Neighborhood’s design is genuine, trademarked, and has all rights reserved. Any similarity, replica, or reproduction of this business idea including the interior design, the trademarked design of the small houses, or the overall look and feel without proper authorization of the owners will lead to legal action under the intellectual property protection law. Protecting our brand is extremely important to us. Layla’s Little Neighborhood LLC Indoor Playground & Parties will have franchising & licensing opportunities in the near future.